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Application Form

Please complete the application form in full. Submitting this application form does not guarantee you accommodation with Brisbane Students. Fields in red are required.

Please note: You do not need to fill this form in for each property. Simply list all the properties you are interested in the "Property Address" box below.

Property Details
Property Address:
Length of Occupancy:
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Phone (Home):
Phone (Mobile):
Are you a smoker?:
Do you have a car?:
Current Accommodation
Name of Provider:
Provider Contact Phone:
Length of Occupancy:
Employment / Student Details
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Company Name:
Contact Number:
Length of Employment:
Student ID Number:
Passport No.:
Are you an Overseas Student?:
Visa Expiry Date:
ID Check

Two of the following are to be cited and copied for identification purposes and office records:

Please scan and email copies of the selected items to:

Personal References i.e. work colleagues, neighbours (not a relative)

Reference #1


Reference #2

Emergency Contact
Alternate Number:
Where did your hear about us?
Disclaimer / Authority

I, The above named applicant, do agree that:

  1. A copy of the tenancy document outling standard and special terms of the agreement (Renting Rooming Accommodation “Blue Book” Form R18 and house rules) have been provided to me with this application.
  2. I will be required to pay a holding deposit (equivalent to 2 weeks rent) upon approval of my application being approved to secure the property. Should I proceed with a tenancy agreement, I understand this holding deposit will be applied towards my first two weeks rent. Should I choose not to proceed with a tenancy agreement after being supplied a receipt for payment, my holding deposit will be forfeited.
  3. The letting agent may conduct all relevant inquiries and/or searches from all creditors, owners, providers and references named in this application as required for verifying the information contained herein. I allow the agent to supply my contact details to any traders- people attending to maintenance at the property should I proceed with a tenancy agreement.
  4. I have inspected the above mentioned property and have no outstanding enquiries.
  5. I agree that immediately upon communication of the acceptance of this application by Professionals South Brisbane that this tenancy shall be binding on both landlord and tenant.
  6. 1, the applicant declare that the above information is true and correct and has been supplied of my own free will. I accept that the agent/lessor have collected this information for the purpose of determining whether I am a suitable tenant for the property.